Monday, April 3, 2023


It has been brought to our attention that not every client is interested in what we call 'Deep Dive' treatments, which usually take 1.5-2h; some clients prefer treatments that are shorter and are scheduled more regularly. A series of 4 treatments has proven especially helpful, with the first two being spaced a bit closer and the next ones following at about weekly intervals.  We therefore are now offering what we call 'Regular TLC' treatments,  about 1h in length (the Intake being slightly longer); TLC treatments can be booked individually for $75.00 each or in a monthly package of 4 treatments (valid for 5 weeks) for only $250.00. TLC treatments will mainly consist of one modality, but a combination of 2 is still possible within the given time frame.

April Special:

The introductory package of 4 'Regular TLC' treatments during April 2023 will only cost you $222.00!

Please check out the tabs for the different modalities that are being offered and don't be shy to ask some questions, either by text, email or phone call. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have :)