Jin Shin Jyutsu®


Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) is an ancient healing art which supports the releasing of tensions that cause various discomforts in the body, mind and spirit. The body contains several energy pathways (meridians being only 12 of the dozens of identified pathways) that feed life into all of our cells. When one or more of these pathways become blocked it causes a damming effect that may lead to discomfort, pain or eventually disease as well as mental-emotional imbalances. This blockage or stagnation in the flow of energy will not only disrupt the local area, it will continue and eventually cause disharmony in the path of the energy flow and affect the whole being in more than one way.

JSJ is a clothes-on hands-on form of treatment and can be understood as a kind of gentle variation of acupressure. It regards the hands as ‘jumper cables’ which help overcome the blockages by transferring energy from the Eternal Source of Life to the body by touching different areas, supporting the energy pathways in different sequences, so called flows. The literal meaning of the three Japanese words is:

Jin: human being of compassion and understanding
Shin: creator/source
Jyutsu: art

Jin Shin Jyustu treatments are generally given to a client lying on their back. However, they can be adapted when needed. The client's comfort is always paramount. Usually, JSJ treatments are experienced as very relaxing, occasionally profoundly transforming. As the healing experience greatly depends on the clients' healing powers which are being supported by the practitioner's work, it is impossible to predict the exact outcome of a treatment. Generally, Jin Shin Jyutsu is experienced as relaxing and harmonizing, with some improvements being more noticeable later, when the ripple-effect of the session has fully unfolded. When clients seek help for a long standing health issue, Mary Burmeister's wise words can be a good guide line:

" Be realistic. Expect miracles! But also know that the impossible may take a little bit longer than the unlikely."

The application of Jin Shin Jyustu self help exercises will greatly assist this process of harmonizing.

Self Care

Simple Jin Shin Jyustu self help holds can be learned at the end of a treatment or in a hands on workshop. The beauty of JSJ is that it works with palm sized energy centres rather than difficult to find, needle sized points on the body. It is therefore very easy to learn and apply. The Art of JSJ self care can enhance our quality of life tremendously and it can be fun!