Health Flows 

QIGONG @ Kali Yoga, Shawnigan Lake
Tuesday Feb 20 - Mar 5, 2024, 4:30-5:30pm
Everybody welcome, as adaptable exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities
(there are a few steps leading to the door of the yoga studio)
While gentle, relaxing music is playing we engage in gentle, meditative and at the same time playful exercises for relaxation, rebalancing our energy and revitalization. 
Fee: 3 classes:    $45.00 (individual)
                       $ 75.00 (couple or two friends singing up together)
Registration by text/phone: 250 718 5565 with Jolanda
                    by email:

PLAYFUL QIGONG - gentle moving meditation
Becoming the waves, the thirsty elephant, the tree, transforming from caterpillar into butterfly, receiving stardust and more...
Suitable for all ages and abilities. No previous experience in Qigong required.

Learning about the Hawaiian forgiveness practice and exploring the paths it can guide us on while enjoying the sound of crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and more...

Custom classes
A minimum of 3 committed participants as well as a sheltered workshop space (during the cold season heated as well) will be needed to set up a class. Scheduling a class at your venue is always an option.
For inquiries please call Jolanda at 250 718 5565.

Mindful, gentle exercises (generally done standing, but adaptable in sitting position), relaxing music and inspiring imagery from nature allow the body to slow down and enhance regeneration and revitalization of body, mind and spirit.
Suitable for all ages and abilities!
30-60 minutes

Discover easy and fun ways to support your physical, mental-emotional and spiritual balance by simply using your hands at the end of your arms!
30-60 minutes, or half a day to one day as an intensive

Combine the two classes QI GONG and WELLNESS @ YOUR FINGERTIPS, enjoy and thrive!
60-90 minutes, or half a day to one day as an intensive

Relax with gentle exercises, then continue playfully with paint on canvas. No previous experience necessary! Discoveries guaranteed!
2-3.5 hours

Discover the Clown Within and experience childlike wonder while being in the present moment and develop the courage to let go of preconceptions, expectations etc, thus tapping into what unfolds for you in that very moment. This can open the door to newly found forms of creativity... Allow yourself to be surprised!
3 hours to a whole weekend