Thursday, February 23, 2023


As 2023 clicks along and the days are getting brighter and longer it feels like the time of hibernation will end soon and life will invite us to me more active again :) At the same time self care will remain as important as always. That's why you will always receive at least a couple of pointers along with a treatment how you could best support yourself at home on a regular basis, should you wish to do so. By the way, my tabs suggest all the different modalities that I am offering are separate options; this is of course true in some way as I trained in each healing art separately. However, it has proven most beneficial for my clients when I  draw from my tool kit whatever will be most supportive for them, so please expect a treatment from me that is interdisciplinary as well as holistic. And I will give away a little secret: a wide selection of tuning forks, each with their own 'personality' and vibrational energy often provide a sensory and energetic revelation to clients at Health Flows. They have become the latest and most warmly embraced supporters in my clients' healing journey. - Ready to give it a try?

With regards to classes, none are planned as of yet, but there is currently some flexibility to set up a custom class should you, together with a few friends, wish to initiate one. Simply get in touch with me and we can make it happen!

I decided to keep it short an sweet this time :)

Looking forward to connecting with you either in person or energetically (with help of technology, which could be an old fashioned land line phone, by the way)

Resonating greetings to you,