Sunday, July 17, 2022

 Hello, old friends and new ones,

Health Flows will still offer individual treatments during this summer (2022), however, there will be individual weeks where there will be pause in the offering of services, due to absence for vacation purposes as well as continued education.

Classes will not be offered during the summer. Please, do reach out and let me know your interests as well as wishes for days and times. so that I can consider them when planning the fall schedule. So far I am most likely offering a Jin Shin Jyutsu self care evening on a weekday night, starting mid September and ending late November. Suggestions for a location as well as a desired day and time for a possible Qigong class are very welcome! The Hub in Cowichan Station might be an ideal venue in my eyes; now I need 2 or 3 committed participants to make it feasible for me to initiate a room rental... :)

In late August we are planning on being at the Cobble Hill Fair with our Voxxlife socks, insoles and other wearable technology to support and enhance health and wellbeing.

Hope to you see you there!

Qifull greetings :)