Monday, February 12, 2024

Happy lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon!!!

This coming year should be an auspicious year, with some adventures (flying dragon) and the balancing energy of the wood element. Of course, the basic setting will play out in each individual life differently. I hope that you will enjoy the uplifting energy and that you will also find all the support for healing on any level that you are ready to heal on! This is where Health Flows could possibly might come in :)

How so? If you are looking for support on your healing journey, there are wonderful experiences waiting for you at Health Flows. You can choose from different modalities (my apologies for not yet having added a tab for Systemic Constellations - it is to come soon), which you can find when clicking on the tabs at the top of my webpage. However, blending at least two modalities during one treatment has become a specialty at this practice. For example, imagine a relaxing hands-on treatment, be it a Jin Shin Jyutsu (similar to acupressure) or foot relfexology session, enhanced with the application of tuning forks on and/or off your body...  This has to date always been extremely well received!

Qigong classes, which allow you to immerse yourself into images of nature can provide deep relaxation, resulting in rebalancing your energies and also revitalizing you; they can be likened with a mini-vacation. No expensive and tiring travel is required, just a (short) drive to Kali Yoga in Shawnigan Lake and an hour of your time will have you refreshed and feeling better, physically, mental-emotionally as well as spiritually. The inner smile will over time grow stronger... :)

Relatively new to Health Flows (and not explained on the website yet) are the Systemic Constellations, sometimes better known as Family Constellations. They are certainly not limited to family systems only and they can be approached in two possible ways: In a single person exploration, facilitated by using a table-top version of constellations, or in a group setting, which will require a group of people who will support individual clients through the constellation process by actively tapping into the Field. This is usually done by dedicating half a day or even a full day to a few constellations. Every individual does during this process get the opportunity to learn from this shared experience. Systemic Constellations are difficult to describe, but those who are willing to venture into unknown territory, often find this a unique and profoundly deep experience!

Last, but not least, Health Flows still has some remaining stock of the Voxx socks and insoles, which many clients find helpful in supporting their wellbeing on a daily basis, thanks to the integrated neuro-technology. On Mother's Day, May 12 (12noon -4pm) you can check us out at the Sip and Shop event at Deep Cove Winery, Saanich (Victoria).

For  further inquiries please text or call 250 718 5565.

Smiles of gratitude,


Friday, September 29, 2023


As the days are getting shorter and the leaves change their colours, we at Health Flows have have exciting changes to share with you: Thanks to Nicola's hospitality at Kali Yoga there will be a regular Qigong and More class starting in Shawnigan Lake after the Thanksgiving weekend, on Mondays 7-8:30pm. (You can find more details when clicking on the classes tab.) For those of you who have not seen the yoga studio from the inside, you will discover that being able to have a class in this special space is a real treat! The unique architecture fosters an atmosphere of peace and wellbeing, which will be complemented by our Monday night exercises...

After 8 years (lucky number in some parts of the world!) in business Health Flows continues to offer a range of individual holistic treatments, and is now also entering the professional world of systemic constellations (also known as family constellations). There is still the opportunity to get the advantages of being and early bird in October and November 2023 and signing up for an individual constellation by donating a small amount of money (suggested range is $25-50, half of which will be donated by me either to the pay-it-forward-box at Health Flows or a charity of your choice. And to spice things up a bit this year, I will gift the 8th person signing up for a constellation with a free 'deep dive' treatment! To make things even a bit more fun, I will also issue gift certificates for a constellation, which will I will honour until the end of January 2024.

What are you waiting for? You are welcome to sign up for a class, a treatment or an individual constellation. I look forward to hearing from you :)



Monday, August 14, 2023

 Hello, holistically oriented old friends and new!

As everybody is enjoying the great outdoors during summer, the gifts of nature in their many forms as well as the gatherings with friends and like-minded people, we at Health Flows are looking ahead and finding ways to continue these wonderful ways of summer into the fall. There will be 4 Saturdays, two before Thanksgiving (Sept 23+30), as well as two in October (14+21), after the long weekend, where you have the opportunity to join us for gentle Qigong exercises followed by hands-on self care practices in the tradition of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a form of gentle acupressure, which is also relaxing and enhancing our health and wellbeing. (More info under the classes tab or with Jolanda 250 718 5565.)

Furthermore, there are exciting news about new offerings! As my basic training in Systemic Constellations (leaning on the work of Bert Hellinger and other professionals in that lineage) will soon be completed, I am happy to offer individual case study sessions (approximate duration 1.5-2h) to anyone interested in looking at their life through a different lens. A theme/topic/question/problem that the client would like to work on will be the focal point of such a session which is followed by an intuitive and at the same time creative process in which the client and the facilitator collaboratively tune into the field of that aspect in the client's life, using objects to represent people or themes (e.g. grief, resources etc.). A journey of discovery ensues, guided in a safe setting. The outcome of the process will provide an answer to the initial query at the end of the session, but in all likelihood it will ripple out into the client's life after the session for an amount of time afterwards... (Donations will be welcome, half of them are to go to the Pay-it-forward-box at Health Flows  or to a local charity. This offer will be extended through the fall, from September until the end of November. In 2024 constellation sessions will be charged at the same rate as other individual sessions at Health Flows.)

Looking forward to welcoming you to one of our offerings! Should you be interested in some class at your venue or an in-home treatment, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am fortunate to have quite a bit of flexibility and am always happy to find ways to make things happen :)



Monday, April 3, 2023


It has been brought to our attention that not every client is interested in what we call 'Deep Dive' treatments, which usually take 1.5-2h; some clients prefer treatments that are shorter and are scheduled more regularly. A series of 4 treatments has proven especially helpful, with the first two being spaced a bit closer and the next ones following at about weekly intervals.  We therefore are now offering what we call 'Regular TLC' treatments,  about 1h in length (the Intake being slightly longer); TLC treatments can be booked individually for $75.00 each or in a monthly package of 4 treatments (valid for 5 weeks) for only $250.00. TLC treatments will mainly consist of one modality, but a combination of 2 is still possible within the given time frame.

April Special:

The introductory package of 4 'Regular TLC' treatments during April 2023 will only cost you $222.00!

Please check out the tabs for the different modalities that are being offered and don't be shy to ask some questions, either by text, email or phone call. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have :)



Thursday, February 23, 2023


As 2023 clicks along and the days are getting brighter and longer it feels like the time of hibernation will end soon and life will invite us to me more active again :) At the same time self care will remain as important as always. That's why you will always receive at least a couple of pointers along with a treatment how you could best support yourself at home on a regular basis, should you wish to do so. By the way, my tabs suggest all the different modalities that I am offering are separate options; this is of course true in some way as I trained in each healing art separately. However, it has proven most beneficial for my clients when I  draw from my tool kit whatever will be most supportive for them, so please expect a treatment from me that is interdisciplinary as well as holistic. And I will give away a little secret: a wide selection of tuning forks, each with their own 'personality' and vibrational energy often provide a sensory and energetic revelation to clients at Health Flows. They have become the latest and most warmly embraced supporters in my clients' healing journey. - Ready to give it a try?

With regards to classes, none are planned as of yet, but there is currently some flexibility to set up a custom class should you, together with a few friends, wish to initiate one. Simply get in touch with me and we can make it happen!

I decided to keep it short an sweet this time :)

Looking forward to connecting with you either in person or energetically (with help of technology, which could be an old fashioned land line phone, by the way)

Resonating greetings to you,


Saturday, January 7, 2023


SPECIAL OFFER for treatments between January 10 and February 10 2023: TWO FOR ONE :)

As we have already entered into a 7 year (2+0+2+3 =7), which numerologically opens the door to spiritual awareness, intuition and awakening a bit wider and enables more introspection and self-reflection at the same time, we are also fast approaching the Year of the Water Rabbit, which starts according the the lunar calendar on January 22 2023. We might notice a change in pace when transitioning from the year of the tiger to the year of the rabbit and possibly experience a period of adjustment until we fully tune into our 'rabbit instincts'. Having water quality and yin energy coincide with the rabbit, we will gravitate towards fluidity, relaxation, quietness and contemplation as well as nurturing of the body and the soul. 

The nurturing of body and soul is where the services Health Flows has to offer might be very helpful. I am always happy to give individual treatments, whether in person or remotely. As you can see from the announcement above, I decided to celebrate this special time with a special offer, where the price of one treatment buys you the enjoyment of two...

I also love teaching Qigong and Jin Shin Jyutsu self care! However, my intuition told me to wait for signs as to location and day and time for such classes. Should two to three people wish to initiate a class, I would take that as a clear sign and find a way to cater to that wish :) If you would like to inquire about something and get more information, I'll be happy to do my best to answer any questions you might have.

One more element that is connected with yin and softer energies is the moon. I enjoyed reading that in Asia there is talk of the rabbit in the moon, a shape that I had always, since I was a little kid, seen in the moon many years before anyone was able to help me to see the 'man in the moon'. Next time we have a full moon, why don't you look for the rabbit in it?

With heart centred best wishes for these times of transition into softness and introspection to you all.

Warmest regards,


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

 Dear holistic friends, old and new,

as the Holiday Season is fast approaching many of us feel the need to slow down and heed the advice of the motto "less is more". Therefore, there will be less classes or workshops offered at Health Flows, even though some fellow humans could really use some gentle, meditative and at the same time playful Qigong exercises in their lives... I would just like to point out that if you are one of those people who feels called to make space for that kind of Qigong practice in their life and have a little initiative, just drum up two or more like-minded friends as well as a venue and you can arrange for a custom made class. The same applies for the other classes that are currently available at Health Flows. (Should you just come up with interested participants, I might be able to get creative regarding a venue.)

Then there is the possibility to receive individual treatments, which always contain a suggestion or two for self care or self help at home. I strive to empower my clients and give them tools so that they will need to see me less. Depending on your personality type, that might just work for you...

Lastly, I feel I owe it to you to let you know that a series of intensive treatments can be truly life changing. I am currently able to offer these, which is not always the case due to time constraints. In person treatments are always my preferred choice, when possible, however, during the past two and a half years I have learned to appreciate the potency of distance or remote treatments, which proved to be a viable and extremely helpful alternative to no treatments at all. Please don't be shy to ask me about these, as I have yet to do a write up regarding this option on my website.

My heartfelt wishes for lots of love and light in your life as well as encouragement for a keen eye to notice them in many places where the light might be reduced to a tiny glimmer and love might be wearing a gown you don't expect!

Namaste! Aloha! ....

Warm greetings go out to you :)