Wednesday, November 16, 2022

 Dear holistic friends, old and new,

as the Holiday Season is fast approaching many of us feel the need to slow down and heed the advice of the motto "less is more". Therefore, there will be less classes or workshops offered at Health Flows, even though some fellow humans could really use some gentle, meditative and at the same time playful Qigong exercises in their lives... I would just like to point out that if you are one of those people who feels called to make space for that kind of Qigong practice in their life and have a little initiative, just drum up two or more like-minded friends as well as a venue and you can arrange for a custom made class. The same applies for the other classes that are currently available at Health Flows. (Should you just come up with interested participants, I might be able to get creative regarding a venue.)

Then there is the possibility to receive individual treatments, which always contain a suggestion or two for self care or self help at home. I strive to empower my clients and give them tools so that they will need to see me less. Depending on your personality type, that might just work for you...

Lastly, I feel I owe it to you to let you know that a series of intensive treatments can be truly life changing. I am currently able to offer these, which is not always the case due to time constraints. In person treatments are always my preferred choice, when possible, however, during the past two and a half years I have learned to appreciate the potency of distance or remote treatments, which proved to be a viable and extremely helpful alternative to no treatments at all. Please don't be shy to ask me about these, as I have yet to do a write up regarding this option on my website.

My heartfelt wishes for lots of love and light in your life as well as encouragement for a keen eye to notice them in many places where the light might be reduced to a tiny glimmer and love might be wearing a gown you don't expect!

Namaste! Aloha! ....

Warm greetings go out to you :)


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

 Hello dear holistic friends,

 due to unforeseeable circumstances, all the classes will be cancelled for the week of November 7th.

Classes should resume as scheduled as of November 14th. Please don't hesitate to double check with me if you are travelling from further away. Text or call 250 718 5565.

Thanks for understanding and wishing you with all my heart lots of awareness of light and love in your life!


Thursday, September 22, 2022

 Welcome to the Website of Health Flows this fall!

As we leave the fall equinox behind and move fast towards Michealmas and Thanksgiving, I would like to let you know that individual treatments are being booked more regularly and I advise to reach out a week or two beforehand in order not to be disappointed. Sometimes treatments on short notice may still be possible, though...

Regarding the classes Health Flows is offering, I would like to apologize for a typo in the flyer for Easy Hands-On Self Care and to also let you know that prorated fees will be applied to the flat rate until Thanksgiving to accommodate late joiners. The flyer should have read $90.00 flat rate (for all 9 weeks) and the flat rate starting September 27 or 29 will be $80.00, starting Oct. 4 or 6 it will be only $ 70.00 and satrting October  18 or later it will be and stay $60.00

Please, also note that the week after Thanksgiving two back to back classes will be offered on Mondays between 9 and 11am: Playful Qigong - gentle moving meditation, followed by Ho'oponopono and Sound Healing (more details on the classes tab).

Hoping to see you either in one of the classes or in the practice soon.

With light and warmth,


Sunday, July 17, 2022

 Hello, old friends and new ones,

Health Flows will still offer individual treatments during this summer (2022), however, there will be individual weeks where there will be pause in the offering of services, due to absence for vacation purposes as well as continued education.

Classes will not be offered during the summer. Please, do reach out and let me know your interests as well as wishes for days and times. so that I can consider them when planning the fall schedule. So far I am most likely offering a Jin Shin Jyutsu self care evening on a weekday night, starting mid September and ending late November. Suggestions for a location as well as a desired day and time for a possible Qigong class are very welcome! The Hub in Cowichan Station might be an ideal venue in my eyes; now I need 2 or 3 committed participants to make it feasible for me to initiate a room rental... :)

In late August we are planning on being at the Cobble Hill Fair with our Voxxlife socks, insoles and other wearable technology to support and enhance health and wellbeing.

Hope to you see you there!

Qifull greetings :)


Thursday, September 30, 2021


There is so much to be grateful for after another nine months of uncertainty around Covid 19, fires and other, more individualized challenges. The practice of Health Flows experienced wonderful healing adventures during the first 6 months of 2021with the regular as well as occasional clients in Kelowna. Tuning forks were often a welcome contribution to the hands on modalities, intuitive experiences and new awarenesses arose during the sessions...

Then Health Flows had to pause offering services for three months while being packed up in Kelowna and being moved to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. All the crystal bowls arrived safely in Cobble Hill, but very soon it became evident that an in-home practice is not feasible at our new house which is significantly smaller than the one we left behind. After operating for 5.5 years in Magic Estates in Kelowna, a new stage and a new start is now awaiting us! It looks like the Sol Centre in Duncan, next to the Community Farm Store, will be the new home to the services of Health Flows. Thank you, Nicolette, for welcoming us! 

On Friday, October 15 at 7pm there will be an opportunity to join an experiential presentation:

Introducing Holistic Possibilities for self care with Qigong, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Sound Healing, Foot Reflexology and Access Bars (5380 Trans Canada Hwy, Duncan), free of charge, physical distancing will be observed.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, any treatments booked during the month of October will benefit from the THANKSGIVING SPECIAL: BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE. Let's celebrate together! I look forward to working with you, as I understand holistic treatments to be co-creations between client and practitioner.

Any future classes as well as treatment days and times will be as tailor-made as possible after hearing the needs of those who come to the introductory evening on October 15. 

In joyful anticipation of meeting you,



Sunday, December 27, 2020

 Dear old friends and new,

the year 2020 is coming to a close, a year that had surprising challenges in store for everyone that most of us did not expect and some of us found challenging to embrace. We experienced uncertainties, restrictions in varying degrees and a potential threat to our health, which for many of us was new territory. Any change always carries potential for new possibilities with it, the silver lining that reveals itself less readily.

At Health Flows we were fortunate to find the silver lining in the option of distance treatments, a great alternative when in person treatments are not possible. We had ventured to apply distance treatments occasionally in the years before 2020, but had never realized how profoundly helpful they could prove, a discovery we made thanks to Covid 19 and its ensuing restrictions. 

What does a distance treatment look like? you might wonder. At an agreed upon day and time I like to connect with the client first over the phone, choosing in mutual agreement which calling option to use for connecting. Depending on the client's needs and choice of treatment we can leave on phone on speaker, which can be a procedure of choice when certain sound healing tools are utilized. More often than not, though, after an initial conversation about the client's concerns and life circumstances, we would hang up the phone and the client would lie down on a sofa or bed in their home and focus on receiving the treatment which I would give, with help of a surrogate (a doll), who for the duration of the session would be representing that particular client, in my practice. The treatment would flow from there, as usual, with me connecting energetically and contributing to the harmonizing of the clients physical, mental and emotional energies with some of the modalities that I am trained in (see tabs on the website). The wonderful discovery was the intensity of the experience on both ends, the potential for change in ways of relaxation, regeneration and healing. Normally I would allow the session to unfold without another verbal exchange (which usually takes place after in-person treatments) and I would either send my observations by text to the client or exchange our experiences over the phone at a later time with the client. I don't want to bore you with too many details and hope this quick sketch like description was able to give you a general idea about distance treatments. As each person is unique and every treatment as well, what really matters, is not so easily described with words...

At this point I would like to thank all my clients, wherever they were, overseas, in locked down senior residences in Canada, simply at home or in person in my practice for allowing me to support them during this unusual year! I considered it a privilege to be asked to support them, especially after my very sudden and intense experience in August 2020, where I was presented with a potentially life-threatening experience that helped me remember how very grateful I am to be alive and to be able share the healing arts with my clients! That profound personal experience also allowed me to explore the phenomenon of healing like never before... I explored the application of Jin Shin Jyutsu self help several times a day and was able to benefit from this healing art in ways like never before. For that I also give thanks from the bottom of my heart!

May this Holiday Season and the year 2021 be filling up more and more with our shining lights, love, joy, harmony and healing!!!



Friday, May 29, 2020

Hello holistic friends!
Health Flows would like to give you an update now, at the end of May 2020.

First of all, I'd like to thank my clients who were open-minded enough to venture into the world of distance treatments during the past weeks and months! I very much enjoyed connecting energetically as well as on the phone with my clients and the re-bookings were a testimony that the distance support made a palpable difference in their lives.

Going forward there are three things I would like to communicate to those interested in booking or gifting someone a session or a package of sessions (check out the fees tab) at Health Flows:

1) I am happy to continue offering distance treatments for anyone who would like to choose that option.

2) Health Flows will be open to in person treatments starting June 8, 2020 with the following new arrangements which are given by the provincial health authorities:

a) Regular disinfecting of high use surfaces will be implemented and hand towels as well as blankets will be washed after each use, in addition the washing of sheets.

b) During the month of June I will be wearing a face mask during the treatments and I also ask that CLIENTS WEAR A MASK while in the practice. Hopefully, come July the wearing of face masks will no longer be considered necessary.

c) The common client screening questions will be asked.

3) Last, but not least, I will be offering foot reflexology treatments at a fairly new place in town: Massage Addict, across the highway from Costco. These are a steal of a deal if you can get a groupon before you book.

I'd like to close for today with a quote:

Every failure contains the seed of potential success.
Every dis-ease contains the seed of potential healing.