Monday, February 12, 2024

Happy lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon!!!

This coming year should be an auspicious year, with some adventures (flying dragon) and the balancing energy of the wood element. Of course, the basic setting will play out in each individual life differently. I hope that you will enjoy the uplifting energy and that you will also find all the support for healing on any level that you are ready to heal on! This is where Health Flows could possibly might come in :)

How so? If you are looking for support on your healing journey, there are wonderful experiences waiting for you at Health Flows. You can choose from different modalities (my apologies for not yet having added a tab for Systemic Constellations - it is to come soon), which you can find when clicking on the tabs at the top of my webpage. However, blending at least two modalities during one treatment has become a specialty at this practice. For example, imagine a relaxing hands-on treatment, be it a Jin Shin Jyutsu (similar to acupressure) or foot relfexology session, enhanced with the application of tuning forks on and/or off your body...  This has to date always been extremely well received!

Qigong classes, which allow you to immerse yourself into images of nature can provide deep relaxation, resulting in rebalancing your energies and also revitalizing you; they can be likened with a mini-vacation. No expensive and tiring travel is required, just a (short) drive to Kali Yoga in Shawnigan Lake and an hour of your time will have you refreshed and feeling better, physically, mental-emotionally as well as spiritually. The inner smile will over time grow stronger... :)

Relatively new to Health Flows (and not explained on the website yet) are the Systemic Constellations, sometimes better known as Family Constellations. They are certainly not limited to family systems only and they can be approached in two possible ways: In a single person exploration, facilitated by using a table-top version of constellations, or in a group setting, which will require a group of people who will support individual clients through the constellation process by actively tapping into the Field. This is usually done by dedicating half a day or even a full day to a few constellations. Every individual does during this process get the opportunity to learn from this shared experience. Systemic Constellations are difficult to describe, but those who are willing to venture into unknown territory, often find this a unique and profoundly deep experience!

Last, but not least, Health Flows still has some remaining stock of the Voxx socks and insoles, which many clients find helpful in supporting their wellbeing on a daily basis, thanks to the integrated neuro-technology. On Mother's Day, May 12 (12noon -4pm) you can check us out at the Sip and Shop event at Deep Cove Winery, Saanich (Victoria).

For  further inquiries please text or call 250 718 5565.

Smiles of gratitude,