Sunday, December 27, 2020

 Dear old friends and new,

the year 2020 is coming to a close, a year that had surprising challenges in store for everyone that most of us did not expect and some of us found challenging to embrace. We experienced uncertainties, restrictions in varying degrees and a potential threat to our health, which for many of us was new territory. Any change always carries potential for new possibilities with it, the silver lining that reveals itself less readily.

At Health Flows we were fortunate to find the silver lining in the option of distance treatments, a great alternative when in person treatments are not possible. We had ventured to apply distance treatments occasionally in the years before 2020, but had never realized how profoundly helpful they could prove, a discovery we made thanks to Covid 19 and its ensuing restrictions. 

What does a distance treatment look like? you might wonder. At an agreed upon day and time I like to connect with the client first over the phone, choosing in mutual agreement which calling option to use for connecting. Depending on the client's needs and choice of treatment we can leave on phone on speaker, which can be a procedure of choice when certain sound healing tools are utilized. More often than not, though, after an initial conversation about the client's concerns and life circumstances, we would hang up the phone and the client would lie down on a sofa or bed in their home and focus on receiving the treatment which I would give, with help of a surrogate (a doll), who for the duration of the session would be representing that particular client, in my practice. The treatment would flow from there, as usual, with me connecting energetically and contributing to the harmonizing of the clients physical, mental and emotional energies with some of the modalities that I am trained in (see tabs on the website). The wonderful discovery was the intensity of the experience on both ends, the potential for change in ways of relaxation, regeneration and healing. Normally I would allow the session to unfold without another verbal exchange (which usually takes place after in-person treatments) and I would either send my observations by text to the client or exchange our experiences over the phone at a later time with the client. I don't want to bore you with too many details and hope this quick sketch like description was able to give you a general idea about distance treatments. As each person is unique and every treatment as well, what really matters, is not so easily described with words...

At this point I would like to thank all my clients, wherever they were, overseas, in locked down senior residences in Canada, simply at home or in person in my practice for allowing me to support them during this unusual year! I considered it a privilege to be asked to support them, especially after my very sudden and intense experience in August 2020, where I was presented with a potentially life-threatening experience that helped me remember how very grateful I am to be alive and to be able share the healing arts with my clients! That profound personal experience also allowed me to explore the phenomenon of healing like never before... I explored the application of Jin Shin Jyutsu self help several times a day and was able to benefit from this healing art in ways like never before. For that I also give thanks from the bottom of my heart!

May this Holiday Season and the year 2021 be filling up more and more with our shining lights, love, joy, harmony and healing!!!