Friday, October 4, 2019

Welcome to the website of Health Flows (Kelowna)!

We encourage you to come to the Kanata Hotel in Kelowna where you can meet us in person this weekend, October 4 - 6 at the Fall Well-Being Show :) We are happy to announce our SPECIAL OFFER of:

 $20.00 DISCOUNT FOR FOOT REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENTS when purchased at the show adult pricing only $65.00 instead of 85.00 
child/youth/senior pricing only $45.00 instead of 65.00

What better time to get a wellness-gift for loved ones?! Or maybe you'd like to treat yourself to a treatment?

Health Flows is also proud to announce that we can now offer the phenomenal voxxlife products. Come and learn about socks and insoles with the special HTP neuro-technology! The benefits for health and wellness as well as physical perfomance for athletes are stunning!!!

You would like to see more colour as can be expected at this time of the year? You won't find it on this page, but I can guarantee that you will find colours galore down at the Kanata :)
your supporters of well-being at Health Flows