Qi Gong Inspired Art


Qi Gong Inspired Art is a happy marriage of two activities: mindful, gentle exercises which get us into the 'zone', followed by intuitive exploration with acrylic paint on canvas. The difference to Wine and Art lies not only in the substitution of alcohol with healthy, Asian exercise, leading to deep and relaxed breathing, but also in the approach to painting. We are not giving instructions how to paint one specific image, but rather guiding a process of discovery, an adventure on canvas. This process allows us to experience that it is possible to have a dialogue with our canvas and in fine-tuning our hearing with regards to this new language we may learn to pick up a message from our subconscious...
Everybody will walk home from the class with a unique painting, completely different from all the others, just like the individuals who came to play in the class.

No experience in Qi Gong or painting required!!!
Canvas and paint will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring an apron or an old shirt as well as a water bottle to the class.